Baking Experience

BB22 Bed and Baking Experience

BB22 Bed and Baking Experience: cooking and baking courses in cagliari

The kitchen of BB22 is where we’ll share the best experience, that of the Bakery and Cookery experience. Thus, between a dip in the bluest sea of southern Sardinia and a stroll through the alleys of the historic centre, guests can knead, cook and taste our most typical products.

I corsi di cucina del BB22 Cagliari

Typical bread and focaccia

Recipes, doughs and tasting.

Fresh pasta workshop

Malloreddus and lorighittas pasta, ravioli and culurgiones (stuffed pasta pockets): doughs and tasting.

Savoury finger food

From pardulas to panadas (small traditional pies): workshop with tasting.

Pastries in Sardinia